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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Speech 2016

My Speech

Have you noticed how many times people say like? 
Well I think, that the people in the age group of 8 and 25, say it a lot. Here is an example. 

Like, I’ve been doing this podcast for like, eight years now, but there’s like one language peeve that I’ve never thought to write about, so when a listener asked me about it, I was like, “I can’t believe we’ve never covered this before. It was like oh my god!’’

Ok, I got that Paragraph off the internet, but 5 likes, over that 1 sentence, now that's a lot of likes. Think of that sentence again. How would it sound if you took a small pause, as if you're reading a book and you took a pause at a full stop or a comma . While you are thinking about that, I’m going to tell you a wee story about my dad and this girl. 

‘ So my dad, Richard Hegan, was at work, he works for ASB on the rural side of things. Anyway he was interviewing this girl (I don't know anything about her, except she wanted a job at ASB rural). So dad interviewed her slowly and apparently she said like at least twice every sentence, and that was an interview that went for half an hour, and each sentence was at least 20 seconds long. Put that together and you get, if my maths is right, you get 180 likes in one interview, and again 180 is a lot of likes. Going back to that question I asked you guys, to refresh your memories, here it is now: 

‘How would it sound if you took a small pause at a like, as if you're reading a book and you took a pause at a full stop or a comma.’ 

So my opinion is that you should take a pause instead of saying like, BUT only if you need to, like this and that like I just said. Don't use one if you are in a sentence like this. It was like oh my god. Say it like this ‘ it felt, well oh my god. 

To sum it all up using like in the wrong place is incorrect grammar. 
Gotta go and tell the rest of the world this!
Too many likes!!!!!!!!


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  1. Great speech Charlie I will try to not say like more often