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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Discovery Time


Today at DT I made  LEGO technic with Sairusi. I was working on the car and he was working on the boat. Next week we are going to make a trailer for the boat. 

My weakness was trying to put the programmer on the platform that I made. It was tough because the platform was uneven. In the end I put the programmer on the platform because I added a support stick which made the platform even.  I had to put the programmer on the car, so the tail lights could work. I couldn't put headlights on the car because it looked really odd. 

When Sairusi was making the boat, he had lots of glitches because he was using snapped pieces and he did not know that. 

Next week when we make the trailer I am going to bring some Lego in of my own. The Lego we have here has not got the right pieces. (I have a lot of Lego at home.) 

By Charlie Hegan


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