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Sunday, 7 August 2016

No uniform, persuasive writing

Should we wear school uniform to school? 
Well I think that we shouldn't wear uniforms to school, here's why. 

Firstly school is a place to express your personalities and some people like to show their personalities through clothes and if they wear uniform that could have effect on the child's feelings mood.

Secondly if no one wears uniform you don’t have to spend too much money but anyway some families don’t have any money, So that results on the child on only getting about one or two uniforms a year. And the child will probably get picked on at school, which is not meant to happen. 

Thirdly some school uniform is uncomfortable and children are not meant to feel uncomfortable at school. By uncomfortable I mean heavy and hot, children are not concentrating at school.

Uniform is not just in school it's in sport teams and in most business, that where wearing Uniform comes in. 

For example you are with your class and you are on trip in a public place and you have good behaviour the people will want to send their children to that, and if you are not wearing uniform those people won't know what school you are. If you are playing a team sport and you don't wear uniform, how would you know which team you're in? 

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