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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Ultimate treehouse

The ultimate treehouse
The birds chirp up high in the wavy trees. As the wind blows against the branches,the smell of pine wafting in the air. From a distance there will be a roof as rusty and sharp as an old fishing hook. All around is a scene of greenery and flaky wood from the trees.The green and jet black moss, cocoons the old redwood trees. 

Inside the treehouse there will be the entrance to the hydroslide and to the right is the swimming pool with a swim up bar that sells ice-cream.The water is aqua blue, warm and inviting. Through the door to the left is the gamers room and there will be old gaming and new games. At the end of the gamers room there will be a door that leads to the VIP meeting center were the stars can be met.

Next up the on hallway awaits a cooking room that has the most upgraded, most limited edition cooking technology. Then through the hallway comes a golden staircase that leads up to the reception of the hotel, and the girl at the reception offers a mint. In every room in the house there is an spa pool that lights up at night.Then there's a room with a chocolate vending machine and indoor trampolines that are very bouncy.
Round the back on the deck is a private jet. The deck has kids sauna on it, and a swimming pool with a copious amounts of food. As the jet gets loaded with happy faces to go home they fly over the greenery and the sunset tumbles down. 

Made by: Paisley and Charlie.


1 comment:

  1. Wow! What a tree house! There is a lot going on.. I would not know where to begin if I was to stay there!
    There are two parts which I love! "From a distance there will be a roof as rusty and sharp as an old fishing hook" and "the sunset tumbles down". So descriptive.. Well done you two. Miss D :)