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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bad Ride

Bad ride 

“Are we there yet?” I moaned, in a tummy burning way.
“Yeah are we there yet?” said George, with half full stomach. 
“I wish Superman would push the Hundalees into the sea. What is the point of driving to the top of the hills, then come straight back down again?” said Harry. 
Clearly, my brothers weren't having a good car ride, burning through the belly-squirmy roads, I thought to myself. 
Dad said from the front seat, “The point of it is so we can get the car down to the coast, so we can go to South Bay”. 
I didn't like the car ride, my white bare legs itched against the fabric seats. My brothers whined like a fire engine...
...That's the typical car ride.

By Charlie Hegan.


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