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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hiding spot

Hiding spot 
1 2 3 4 5 where am I going to go.  Where am I going to go! AHa
I know, the attic. I sprinted, my heart vaulting. I made a fly dive for the cabinet and slammed the lamb white door behind me with all my might.
Within a second, the attic light was beaming like the sun. The attic was steaming hot like I swimming in a jug of water, boiling at a million degrees. What looked like far beyond the distance was my mum sorting all the ski gear into the oaky smelling roof trusses.

Suddenly everything went cold. I heard pitter patter, pitter patter above me. I was shaking, harder than my hart beat, I could feel footsteps getting louder and closer, like a tsunami with an earthquake inside it. I couldn't afford a peep from my shivering grape purple lips. I buried myself in strawberry colour suitcases. The door creaked and woloed. A wave of beaming light came bouwling in within a second.

A funny, unusually round and short object popped through the door. It had two squirmy oval things, one on each side of it. Also the object had a razor sharp pointy thing on the front. I stayed as still as a millpond…

...I twitched my leg…

… The weird objects tiny football eyes bolted in my direction…

… I panicked in silence.

The alarming dad left. 

By Charlie Hegan.

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