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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Term 2 inquiry reflection

For inquiry I put together a documentary about Rural Issues and what's the cause and effect on Rural Issues.

Rural issues is when a cow would walk through a river and do its business in the river. When that happens the bacteria that comes from the poo is what kills the invertebrates and fish in the rivers.

At the River celebration I think my documentary went very well because I was the only person who did rural issues. But, on the dark side of things, the documentary music sounded a bit glitchy because in some parts of the documentary music was too loud over my voice and also I had split the music too many times so that's why it's sounded quite glitchy.

If I could make my documentary better or more interesting I would have more information about rural issues and what they are, stuck with my original music and  not split my music too many times.  
Here is a photo of a rural issues which I had used in my documentary. 
My steps were:
1. Make a plan and list of what I need.
2. Collect information about rural issues and what rural issues are.
3. Write the script with the words for the voice recordings, edit them and print the script out.
4. Record the words off the script on to the documentary and add the photos.

1 comment:

  1. Charlie.. What an interesting issue to research about! I'm glad that you did something different from everyone else because it is still just as important! And what a great idea to do a documentary! Very original and appropriate for the cause. Wish I could see it! Maybe you could put it up on your blog somehow?
    I also love how you have really thought about what you would do differently next time. That is the most important thing to get out of a reflection.. what you can do different to make it even better next time round.
    Can't seem to see your photo that you put on either?
    Keep up the good work Charlie :)
    Miss D