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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Midge larvae and Backswimmers

The backswimmer is an invertebrate that lives in freshwater rivers, lakes and streams. The waterways that the backswimmer and many other invertebrates live in, are polluted by stormwater.

Stormwater can be lots of different things,  like chemicals, bacteria and litter.  Such things go down the drain into the waterways, in the same way as the soap from car washing goes down your driveway and how it then drains into the stormwater drains. These pollutants lead to waterways and pollute them.

In comparison the Midge Larvae, another freshwater invertebrate, is threatened by the polluted stormwater just like the backswimmer, as they both live in the same habitat.

Overall, all of the freshwater invertebrates habitat is under threat with all the stormwater pollution spreading around, so we need everyones help to get our waterways back in shape by picking up rubbish after yourself or washing your car on the grass so that the soap doesn't flow down into the drains.


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