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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Observational writing

Oak tree leaf

The oak tree leaf came spinning down from the top of the tree and landed on the ground with a tap.


On the edges of the leaf are pointed and cracked, top to bottom.Both sides of the leaf are different colours. One side is a faded yellow and the other side is a dead brown.The stem is bent and brown as if the leaf is a city and it had been hit by an earthquake.There are tiny spits of dirt and sand scattered all over the leaf. Down the right side, it is ripped between the stem and the leaf.


The leaf smells of honey and something sweet. You would think it would smell okay but it actually doesn't.  It more smells like a pool of honey or sugar.


The leaf feels and looks very delicate and it is really. If you stroke your hand from the top to bottom you will rip and fold the pointy bits.

By Charlie


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