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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Bean observation report

Bean Observation Report
Have you noticed that more veggie gardens are being made with today's technology such as: potting mix, planter boxes and electric gardening tools. People have had a go and loved the hobby. With that, veggie gardens are making people healthier and people have got a lot more energy to make more gardens. At school, my teacher, Kiri gave everyone in our class a bean seed, a Petri dish and a tissue to grow. I was keen as a bean to see how it grew.

I hypothesise that the lid would get lifted off the dish from the bean shoot. This is the bean seed⬇️⬇️

First, we got told to fold up the tissue so it could fit in the dish. 

Next we put the bean seed in the Petri dish on the tissue. I watered the bean. After we watered the bean, we had to measure the bean. My one was 15mm long and 6mm wide. 

Then, the action stated! We got a observation sheet from the teacher that we had to fill it out. 

20 days later, I had to make another observation on my bean. It had grown longer and wider. And it had a little shoot.⬇️⬇️ 

An inference  the lid would get lifted off the dish from the bean shoot. This is the bean seed I made was that the shoot had come through the white shell because it was growing and it had the right amount of water and sunlight.

On the 8.9.2016 I did my last observation of my bean. It had a large shoot, lots of squiggly roots and most importantly a grown bean. It was 4 cm long and 11mm wide, the shell had fallen off and it was green. The green was the bean. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⤵️

Another inference I made is the shell fell off because the bean was growing inside the shell, the shell was not growing.

My hypothesis was that the lid would get lifted off the dish from the bean shoot. I was wrong with that, my bean grew on its side, so I propped it up with tissues so it would grow properly.

In the end I learnt a lot and about observation and growing beans. Next time I would like to do this again with a bag instead of a Petri dish, and maybe not water it. I have learnt that you don't need dirt to grow a bean, and I am interested to see if a bean can grow without water.

By Charlie Hegan  
Room 13
Year 6 
Age 10

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Discovery Time


Today at DT I made  LEGO technic with Sairusi. I was working on the car and he was working on the boat. Next week we are going to make a trailer for the boat. 

My weakness was trying to put the programmer on the platform that I made. It was tough because the platform was uneven. In the end I put the programmer on the platform because I added a support stick which made the platform even.  I had to put the programmer on the car, so the tail lights could work. I couldn't put headlights on the car because it looked really odd. 

When Sairusi was making the boat, he had lots of glitches because he was using snapped pieces and he did not know that. 

Next week when we make the trailer I am going to bring some Lego in of my own. The Lego we have here has not got the right pieces. (I have a lot of Lego at home.) 

By Charlie Hegan


Speech 2016

My Speech

Have you noticed how many times people say like? 
Well I think, that the people in the age group of 8 and 25, say it a lot. Here is an example. 

Like, I’ve been doing this podcast for like, eight years now, but there’s like one language peeve that I’ve never thought to write about, so when a listener asked me about it, I was like, “I can’t believe we’ve never covered this before. It was like oh my god!’’

Ok, I got that Paragraph off the internet, but 5 likes, over that 1 sentence, now that's a lot of likes. Think of that sentence again. How would it sound if you took a small pause, as if you're reading a book and you took a pause at a full stop or a comma . While you are thinking about that, I’m going to tell you a wee story about my dad and this girl. 

‘ So my dad, Richard Hegan, was at work, he works for ASB on the rural side of things. Anyway he was interviewing this girl (I don't know anything about her, except she wanted a job at ASB rural). So dad interviewed her slowly and apparently she said like at least twice every sentence, and that was an interview that went for half an hour, and each sentence was at least 20 seconds long. Put that together and you get, if my maths is right, you get 180 likes in one interview, and again 180 is a lot of likes. Going back to that question I asked you guys, to refresh your memories, here it is now: 

‘How would it sound if you took a small pause at a like, as if you're reading a book and you took a pause at a full stop or a comma.’ 

So my opinion is that you should take a pause instead of saying like, BUT only if you need to, like this and that like I just said. Don't use one if you are in a sentence like this. It was like oh my god. Say it like this ‘ it felt, well oh my god. 

To sum it all up using like in the wrong place is incorrect grammar. 
Gotta go and tell the rest of the world this!
Too many likes!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 7 August 2016

No uniform, persuasive writing

Should we wear school uniform to school? 
Well I think that we shouldn't wear uniforms to school, here's why. 

Firstly school is a place to express your personalities and some people like to show their personalities through clothes and if they wear uniform that could have effect on the child's feelings mood.

Secondly if no one wears uniform you don’t have to spend too much money but anyway some families don’t have any money, So that results on the child on only getting about one or two uniforms a year. And the child will probably get picked on at school, which is not meant to happen. 

Thirdly some school uniform is uncomfortable and children are not meant to feel uncomfortable at school. By uncomfortable I mean heavy and hot, children are not concentrating at school.

Uniform is not just in school it's in sport teams and in most business, that where wearing Uniform comes in. 

For example you are with your class and you are on trip in a public place and you have good behaviour the people will want to send their children to that, and if you are not wearing uniform those people won't know what school you are. If you are playing a team sport and you don't wear uniform, how would you know which team you're in? 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Proud writing

A moment when I felt proud in my life was when I was at Challenge Wanaka. I had just finished a huge triathlon with a 50m swim, 6km bike and  1km run! The race took place at Pembroke park in Wanaka. I had just transitioned the bike to the run. Come on... I was only one quarter into the run and one of my shoes fell off! So I took the other one off as well. Next thing I knew I was 100 meters from the finish line, and I saw a big red carpet that I had to run down. The carpet was soft and silky and it lead right to the finish line. I don't think I had felt more proud in my life. I felt proud because I had worked really hard to get 16th place.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Camp experience

My Camp Experience 

My opinion on mountain biking it's the best activity on camp. I really like mountain biking because it's fun getting all muddy and it's good exercise.

The bike I got was shiny and fast, but it was better than mine, and I also got an bright orange helmet.
When we were on the ride we came to a massive hill. Korey was in the lead so I was next. When he got the to the bottom and slowing down,  Korey fell off and I was just behind him…  
The only thing I could do was skid and hope that wouldn't crash into him…
I did.
I saved Korey’s life telling everyone to stop so they did not crash into him. Kory was bruised and bleeding but ok.
About twenty minutes after Korys tragedy the group came to another massive hill but this time it was even bigger. The hill dropped straight down, levelled off, turned right and dropped again. I went first then Kory, then all the boys. Then it came to the girls. Paisley went first she had fun, the next was Megan. She was dead scared. We were cheered and chanted “Megan, Megan, Megan” and came down both hills with a lot of confidence, followed by the other girls.
A we bit later we came to a creek. Our instructor told us we needed to clean our bikes because obviously they weren't shiny anymore. So we lined up behind Mason he rode through first the creek followed by Kory then me. I lifted my legs so my feet didn't get wet and rode out of the gate. Everyone did the same then we went back. When we were back at camp, I felt good for Megan when she came down the double hill.

By Charlie 

In this piece of writing I  have 4 paragraphs all  about a different thing.
I think I am going well because there is a really good part that i really like:About twenty minutes after Korys tragedy the group came to another massive hill but this time it was even bigger. The hill dropped straight down, levelled off, turned right and dropped again. I feel that it is really descriptive. My next step is to have a better more descriptive introduction.   


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Discovery time

At discovery time I tested my egg parachute with John  and played shops with Todd. When I tested my egg parachute three tests took place. The first one had fluf in the bucket and the lid on. That was successful. Then the next one had no fluf in it but the lid was on it. The was successful as well. Then the third one came. This one had no fluf in it and the lid was off!....

It was successful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learnt that I can make a good parachute and I hope I do it again.